pdc teknik A/S
Vi har brugt EuroPhoner som vores opsøgende sælgere i over et år nu. Efter et par korte indledende møder havde EuroPhoner en fuldstændig forståelse af vore kundegrupper og kompetencer hvorefter de gik i gang med at skaffe os leads. Værktøjerne EuroPhoner anvender til at linke os sammen med potentielle nye kunder er meget effektive og integrerer direkte med vores besøgsplanlægning. Samarbejdet med EuroPhoner har muliggjort en fordobling af kvalificerede afholdte kundebesøg og frigjort rigtigt mange timer der tidligere blev anvendt til canvassing. Jeg kan kun give løsningen min bedste anbefaling.
Poul Brunsgaard
Finans & Pensjon AS
Vi i Finans & Pensjon AS ønsker å bruke tiden vår mest mulig effektivt. Ved å leie inn eksterne booking-tjenester får vi frigjort dyrbar tid, og vi får servert møter med kvalifiserte prospekter på tidspunkter som passer oss. Ved å outsource bookingen kan vi konsentrere oss om det vi er gode på – nemlig å lage gode løsninger for kundene våre. Jeg kan derfor anbefale andre bedrifter å benytte seg av EuroPhoners kompetente og hyggelige medarbeidere for å få flere kundemøter.
Pål Christoffersen
Moltres AS
We started working with EuroPhoner April 2012 to reach out to new customers, and we must say that we are very pleased with the results they have achieved so far. EuroPhoner understood our product and has been quick to pass this on to potential customers. Their concept of "no cure, no pay" fits perfect for us who operate with the same principle. They are very positive and enthusiastic, and it's been really nice to work with them. We can give them our best recommendation!
Nina Wahl
Concierge Masters AS
Today we use EuroPhoner to book external sales meetings for our business. EuroPhoner is experienced as a professional partner to represent and book our meetings in accordance with our agreement and of such a standard that both we and our customers are happy with. We have therefor only positive things to say about our relationship with EuroPhoner and will at any time give them our warmest recommendation.
Atle Hovde
Gourmet Collection ApS
It's been a big step for us to put something as vital as booking appointment meetings, in the hands of an extern telemarketing company. But our plans for growth demanded focused and dedicated time for the appointment meeting for our sellers. Therefore we called 3 telemarketing firms from the grid to meet with us. We selected after careful examination of the various concepts EuroPhoner ApS. This is because they are transparent and credible offer and pleasant way of being. The tour of their facilities and meeting with all the staff also made a good impression. We have the first 15 meetings held had 5 customers in the house - with a value of over 1.5 million kroner annually. We have therefore subsequently made a firm agreement with EuroPhoner for delivery of meetings each month. Their 100% percent No cure, No pay concept fits well with our thinking - all the "gray area" meetings will be swapped with a smile. I want at any time recommend EuroPhoner to other companies.
Daniel Mühlendorph Frandsen
Upgrade it ApS
“Over the years we’ve employed our own appointment bookers, but we decided to try outsourcing.
And we haven’t regretted our decision. The quality of our appointments rose significantly after beginning our partnership with EuroPhoner.
And we’ve noticed a substantial reduction in costs as well. For us, that's a real win/win situation.“
John Andersson
InterText A/S
“InterText’s continued growth depends on our assurance that new clients want to meet with us – and we are absolutely certain that they do when EuroPhoner books our appointments. The quality of our appointments is very high because our personal appointment booker at EuroPhoner ensures that our requirements are always met – every time! I haven’t yet experienced an appointment that didn’t live up to my high expectations. We’re getting exactly what we want in our partnership with EuroPhoner, and we’re sure that it will only become better and better. We’re extremely pleased to have EuroPhoner on our team, because they help us to achieve our goals!”
Martin Chr. Heinesen
Reeslev Copenhagen ApS
“Over the past three years, EuroPhoner has helped Reeslev to expand awareness of our brand throughout Scandinavia.
They have performed satisfaction analyses among our many thousands of customers and have booked high quality appointments on our behalf.
We feel that we have found a solid and service-orientated partner in EuroPhoner. EuroPhoner employees are always approachable and cooperative and are attentive to Reeslev’s requirements and needs.
We can recommend EuroPhoner without hesitation. And a special thanks to Anne and Gitte for their rapid and reliable solution for our last project."
Torben Hansen
Creative Director
Krüger Research A/S
”We view EuroPhoner as a constructive collaborative partner.
They are positive and flexible to work with, and their approach is structured and easy to understand. And they know how to persevere in their work.
EuroPhoner also provides great customer service.”
Paul Anker Larsen
Pensionskompagniet I/S
”Pensionskompagniet has partnered with EuroPhoner for more than 2 years and during that time we’ve experienced a serious and quality-conscious partner that keeps promises and delivers results. EuroPhoner works in a committed and efficient way within our industry and is not afraid to approach us when they run into challenges. We work together continuously to ensure that we’re all on the same page – and on the right track. We're so pleased with our collaboration that we recommend EuroPhoner across our network."
Jesper Sø
Enea AB
“EuroPhoner is a very professional company. They quickly deliver qualified meetings at a very high level.
The quality of the meetings that are booked in combination with good project management, high service levels and effective tools for reporting and follow-up means that I can give EuroPhoner my highest recommendations.
They deliver the results they promise!”
Michael Gantén
Sales Director