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EuroPhoner was established in 2008 with two employees working in a cosy house in Gentofte, Denmark. A lot has happened since then. After a short time, we moved into larger premises on Marielundvej in Herlev. And after a year, when we were up to 8 employees, we took the plunge and moved again – this time to bigger and better offices at Herlev Hovedgade 119. It’s important to have pleasant, comfortable and light-filled working conditions in a business as challenging as appointment booking. Today, we have over 30 highly skilled full-time employees working in our Herlev offices. As a natural part of our development and according to our business plans, we've also opened a department in the beautiful Norwegian capital of Oslo. A department located in Sweden is on the drawing board and is expected to be established by January 2013.

EuroPhoner offers just one product – appointment booking. This is a deliberate strategy on our part. Many telemarketing companies expand into a number of areas within telemarketing with the risk of never achieving a true core competency. That will never be the case at EuroPhoner. We believe that if you want to be the best, you must focus on and hone your skills on one area – and one area only. And our profit growth and satisfied return customers confirm us in our beliefs and our strategy. EuroPhoner has grown more than 100% each year since it was established.

At EuroPhoner, our employees have an average age of 45. The vast majority of them have come to us from other telemarketing companies. We feel that EuroPhoner has attracted these vital and highly skilled people by offering fixed salaries, pensions, lunch and fruit programs and pleasant, light-filled surroundings. But most importantly of all, we offer stability, independent working methods, influence in the workplace and a great office environment. EuroPhoner’s standout strength is its staff’s approach to the work, each other, and human diversity. We can proudly say that EuroPhoner hasn’t lost a single employee in almost 4 years. That must be something of an accomplishment within telemarketing – and especially when it comes to appointment booking.

EuroPhoner is an ambitious company with a realistic plan. Our plan is to deliver native language appointment booking throughout all of Scandinavia. To achieve this, we will open departments in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden within the first five years of our company's existence. This will enable large companies with the same set-up or requirements to use just one telemarketing service when they seek business appointments in Scandinavia. When all 3 departments are functioning smoothly for clients and employees (as well as financially), expansion into the German market will be the next step. This plan will ensure that employees with the skills and the interest level can develop into new positions and job descriptions.

David Steven Vinge